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The Benefits of Having a Home Water Filtration System in Naples, FL

The Benefits of Having a Home Water Filtration System in Naples, FL

A study showed that 55% of Americans are concerned about contaminants in their drinking water. At the same time, a majority of people aren’t doing anything about it.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans with concerns about the water in your home, did you know there’s a simple solution? A home water filtration system will purify your water and help set your mind at ease. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of a home water filtration system.

Safe and Good Tasting Drinking Water

Unsafe drinking water can be a serious problem. Certain pollutants can have negative consequences. While the water systems in southern Florida do a great job treating water and ensuring quality, system failures are possible.

A home water filtration system will ensure that your water is always safe to drink. It will also improve the taste of your water. Whether you’re new to water filtration systems or it’s time to replace your system, you’re investing in the health of your family.

Better for the Environment

Americans consume over 40 billion water bottles every year. Plastic bottles are a huge contributor to plastic waste that negatively impacts the environment. Even if you are conscious about recycling, there is no guarantee that your plastic bottles will actually be recycled.

A water filtration system will eliminate your need for plastic bottles. You’ll get all of the advantages of purified water without creating waste.

Save Money

Buying water for your family to drink at home can be quite costly. An average family of four spends around $1000 on bottled water annually. That doesn’t include water for other needs like cooking.

Although a water filtration system has an upfront cost, it will quickly pay for itself. The water from a filtration system can be used for all your needs and will last for years to come.

Prevent Skin Irritation

Individuals with sensitive skin or skin conditions may notice irritation after showering. Even though their water is safe, it has a level of chemicals in it that irritates the skin.

A home water filtration system removes 99.9% of chemicals from water which provides a home with purified water. Filtered water is soft on the skin and is ideal for washing clothes.

Reduce Mineral Deposits

Have you ever noticed a white, chalky deposit on the bottom of your dishwasher or tea kettle? That is the buildup of minerals from your water.

Beyond looking unappealing, the mineral build-up can occur in pipes and appliances which makes water taste bad. Home water filtration systems solve most issues associated with mineral deposits and give you better-tasting water.

Ready to Install a Home Water Filtration System?

Now that you know these great benefits of installing a home water filtration system, are you ready to install one in your Naples, FL home? From enhancing the quality of your water to reducing your environmental waste, a filtration system

If you’re in need of water filtration services in the Naples area, contact the experts at PowerHouse Home Services. We are committed to quality and ready to serve you to the best of our abilities.