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6 Signs Your Home Needs a New Water Filtration System

6 Signs Your Home Needs a New Water Filtration System

7.1 million people per year in the United States suffer from microbial infections due to unclean tap water. Close to 12,000 of these people die. Cholera and typhoid are a few of the nasty microbes that could be lurking in your water.

If you want to stay safe from unclean water, you need a water filtration system. You also need to know when replacing filtration systems is necessary. Getting a new filtration system every so often is crucial for your health.

If you notice any of these 6 signs of filtration system issues, you need to get your system inspected right away. Stay on top of your water's quality by reading more about what you need to look out for in this handy guide.

1. Your Water Starts to Smell Funny

If you notice a funny smell coming off your water, it may be time for a new filtration system. Some filtration systems capture particulate matter that may congeal and get nasty over time. This buildup can be deep within your system.

It is not always feasible to clean your system, so it may be time to replace the filter. You don't want to have to subject yourself to funky-smelling water. Replacing smelly filters is part of crucial water filter maintenance.

2. You Notice Sediment or Murkiness

If you notice weird particulate matter or sediment floating in your water when you pour yourself a glass, it may be time for a new water filtration system. A working filtration system will capture any particulate matter.

If you notice some, it may mean your system has seen its day and needs to be replaced. Sediment could also be a sign of a faulty system so make sure to get yours inspected by booking an appointment with a pro.

3. Your Water Filtration System Loses Pressure

If you notice that the stream of water coming out of your fridge is weaker than before, your water filtration system may be the culprit. Failing systems are notorious for lowering water pressure.

4. You Notice Mold

If you notice mold building up in any part of your water filtration system, it is time to replace it. Mold is terrible for your health and if it contaminated your system it may be beyond the help of a deep clean.

5. Your Water Filtration System Breaks

If your water filtration system no longer functions at all, you will need to replace it. Common signs of total failure include leaks or no water coming out of your faucets.

6. Your Water Is a Strange Color

Your water filtration system should filter out all colors, sediment, and odors. If you notice a strange color in your water such as brown or red, your filter is not working correctly. Get it inspected and replaced as needed.

Keep Your Home Water Filters Working

Your home water filtration system is a vital piece of equipment that needs to be kept in working order. If you notice any of the 6 signs in this guide, you need to get your filtration system replaced right away. 

If you need a professional to inspect and test your home's water filtration system, contact us today. We service almost all of the Southwest Florida area and would be happy to book an appointment with you!