Naples Generators and Electrical Work

How to Avoid power outages on Thanksgiving Day

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Imagine, it’s Thanksgiving Day and you have your entire family over for dinner. Everything is set, turkey in the oven, veggies prepped to be cooked, wine coolers in the fridge, family mingling in the living and then out of n... read more >>

Install A Generator for your Naples Home

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To install a generator, it takes someone who has experience in electrical work. When connecting a generator, one must interrupt the utility power with an automatic transfer switch(ATS). Yes, sorry we are about to get technical on ... read more >>

Are You Prepared For Southwest Florida Hurricane Season?

Are you prepared for Hurricane Season? In 2017, Hurricane Irma knocked out power to 6.7 million electricity customers. That’s 64% of all customer accounts in the state of Florida. And for some, restoration took weeks. Don&rs... read more >>