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Why You Need Whole House Water Filtration in Florida

Why You Need Whole House Water Filtration in Florida

Studies show that the average American home uses roughly 300 gallons of water per day. The majority of this water use is indoors, including showers, cooking, and cleaning. But how clean is the water you're using?

Whole house water filtration is an excellent way to ensure that your water is as clean as possible. If you're curious about making sure your Floridian tap is giving the cleanest water, we're happy to help. Read on to learn more about the benefits of installing a water filtration system for your whole home.

Clean Water Throughout the Entire Home

Florida's water is unfortunately far from the cleanest. Studies show that our drinking water is among the worst in the nation, with our natural lakes being dirtier than they've ever been.

As such, it's difficult to feel comfortable using water without filtration. While smaller filters in our kitchens keep our drinking water clean, what about the rest of the home?

A whole home water filtration system will ensure water is clean in every room. You can rest easy knowing the water for your laundry, bathing, and cooking are all clean as could be.

Safer Water to Use

Water doesn't have to be dirty to be safe. What happens when the water that comes out is clear but dangerous?

Water heavy with minerals can cause health risks over time. Heavy or "hard" water won't harm your health but can cause issues with your plumbing. These problems can deteriorate your plumbing, causing hazards that become health risks.

A whole house water filtration system will keep your water clear from these hazards. Chemicals and harmful minerals are eliminated, helping your water stay safe to use.

Saving Money

When it comes to a new purchase, we often look at the money spent instead of the money saved. A water filtration system is an excellent way to save money. The filtration will help to extend the life and usefulness of your pipes and faucets.

You also won't need to purchase bottled water unless you're preparing for hurricane season. Southwest Florida is often impacted the most by hurricanes when the season comes. Over the years, both factors will add up to hundreds of dollars saved.

Environmental Preservation

Speaking of bottled water, the waste that a water filtration system eliminates is an excellent boon.

Instead, consider using large jugs to save your filtered water. These supplies will be excellent when the next hurricane comes through and knocks out your water. It's a lovely way to defend the environment, save your money, and stay prepared.

Protects Your Clothing

Did you know that unfiltered water can damage your clothing? Hard water makes your soap and detergent less effective. Chemical-heavy water will make your clothes deteriorate.

A whole home water filtration system will help stop both effects. Your clothes will not only be cleaner but will also last longer as well.

Installing a Whole House Water Filtration System

By using a whole house water filtration system, you can save money while preserving the environment. Your water will be safer, and cleaner, and won't harm your clothes or faucets when you use it. It's a wonderful way to battle Florida's lackluster water systems and keep your home safe.

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