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How To Install an EV Charging Station at Home

How To Install an EV Charging Station at Home

The worldwide market share of electric vehicles more than doubled in 2021. People have embraced electric vehicles. With such growth, it may quickly become difficult to find adequate charging stations for your vehicle. 

On the upside, you can install an EV charging station right at your own home, making getting up and going in the morning even easier. 

But what's the best way to go about having a charging station installed? 

By the time you finish this article, you will understand how to install an EV Charging station at your home. 

What's Your Supply?

Before you install an EV charging station, you need to ensure you have an ample supply of electricity. Seek an electrician for a consultation to determine if you have the electrical load you need for an EV station. 

If you do not have an ample supply, you will need to upgrade your services. Budget accordingly, knowing your power bill will now be much more. 

Installing an EV Charging Station

while you may want to install your EV charging station, you will need an electrician's help. To best protect your EV and home, hire a certified electrician with electric vehicle infrastructure training. Once you've found and hired an electrician, follow these basic steps to complete the installation and apply for a rebate. 

Is Your Home Eligible?

Contact your municipality. Make sure you have a home eligible for a charger installation. Neighborhood covenants and other restrictions may prevent you from installing the EV charger you want. 

Check Your Panel

You will need a circuit breaker for your new EV charger. Your electrical panel houses all of your circuit breakers. So check your electrical panel to see if you have room for another circuit breaker. 

If you do not have adequate room on your electric panel, do not give up. Call an electrician. They will help you find a solution. 

Buy Your Charger

Next, shop for your EV charger. If you are planning on using a rebate, make sure you have a model which qualifies for the rebate. 

Apply For a Permit

Florida requires all homeowners to obtain an electrical permit if they plan on having an EV charging station installed in their homes. Go to your municipality for this permit. 

If you end up hiring an electrician for the job, they will apply for the permit for you. 

Install the Charger

Once you've completed these steps, you can install your EV charging station. Follow the directions that come with the station. 

Make sure you have your electrical work inspected by a qualified electrician before you hide the wires or connect them to your supply source. You can apply for your rebate once your electrician completes a contractor consultation form.  

Level 1 Charging

The above instructions all apply to a level 2 charging station. You can also use a level 1 charger. This charger plugs into a standard outlet. 

It does, however, take more time than a level 2 charging station. 

If you use your electric vehicle solely for the community, you can plug your car into your charger and let it charge all night once you return home from work. 

Recharge at Home

Not only can you personally recharge at home, but you can recharge your EV at home with an EV charging station. 

Do you need a qualified electrician to help you install an EV charging station? If so, contact us today and book a service call. Our experienced electrical technicians can help you with all your electrical needs today.