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Electrical Home Safety: How To Minimize Risk Of Electrical Shock

Electrical Home Safety: How To Minimize Risk Of Electrical Shock

In the US, there are about 51,000 electrical fires every year.

Fires are one of the biggest health and safety risks associated with electrical appliances, and there are various other injuries that they can cause. Proper electrical home safety is essential if you want to keep yourself and your family safe.

In this guide, we'll go over some key electrical safety tips that you should follow. Keep reading for more.

Always Follow Appliance Instructions

All electrical appliances come with an instruction manual. It can be tempting to just put it aside, but this could be a mistake. All manuals provide information on the safe use of devices. This will help you ensure electric safety when using these items and even when you're not.

Never Overload Sockets

Extension cords are very useful, but it's important not to go over the top with how many devices you have connected to one socket. Overloading them could cause damage and lead to fires.

You can check an outlet by touching the protective faceplate to see if it's cool. It should be at all times, so if it feels unusually warm, that's a clear sign that you have too much plugged in or there's another issue. You should stop using it immediately and have a professional take a look at it.

If you regularly overload sockets, it probably means you don't have enough in your home. You can have a professional install more so that you can use everything you need to without any issues.

Replace or Repair Damaged Cords

Damaged cords are always a risk, and you should never use an appliance when the cords are in a bad state. Check regularly for things like cracks and frays. If you find any, you should have the cables repaired or replaced by a professional electrician before continuing to use them.

Keep Cords Tidy and Secure

Even when devices aren't in use, you still need to be careful with cables. If they're trailing along the floor, they could present other home safety hazards.

People could easily trip over them and hurt themselves. This can also lead to damage, as mentioned above, which you want to avoid.

Unplug Appliances When Not in Use

This is one of the most basic electric outlet tips, but it's often forgotten. Whenever you have appliances that aren't in use, you should unplug them. This will help you save energy and will eliminate the risk of damage if there's a power surge.

It's worth noting that there are some appliances, such as your refrigerator, that you will leave plugged in. This is fine, but when it comes to things like TVs, laptops, fans, and other smaller items, it's much easier to unplug them for some time. Smart plugs are also a great solution as you can put them on a schedule so you don't have to constantly mess around with the plugs.

The Importance of Electrical Home Safety

There are plenty of electrical hazards in a home, and while they're designed to be safe, things can go wrong. It's important to follow safety precautions to minimize the risk of anything going wrong.

Powerhouse Home Services provides a range of electrical services in Southwest Florida. Whether you have some issues you need fixed or you just want something checked, we can help improve your electrical home safety. Take a look at our Electrical Services page for more information.