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AC Maintenance Mistakes: What You Need to Avoid

AC Maintenance Mistakes: What You Need to Avoid

Your AC unit is your lifeline during the hot summer months in southwest Florida.

If you don't want to melt in your own home, you need your air conditioner to function at a high level. For this to happen, you have to take AC maintenance seriously. There are right and wrong ways to go about it, and, sadly, many homeowners do it all wrong.

In this post, we're going to tell you some of the biggest AC maintenance mistakes that homeowners make. If you can manage to avoid these, your AC will run smoothly all the way through summer, so keep reading and prepare for the heat.

Not Changing Filters

One of the simplest forms of HVAC maintenance that every homeowner is responsible for is changing air filters. As air is pumped through your ducts, dirt and debris are filtered out by your AC filter. Over time, the filter becomes dirty and needs to be replaced in order to continue working.

Failing to regularly clean your filters and change them every few months can put a huge strain on your entire system. If your AC unit has to work too hard to cool your home as a result, its lifespan is going to be drastically shortened.

Neglecting Inspections

You should be having semi-regular AC inspections from a reputable HVAC technician. There are things that a trained technician can spot that you won't. Many homeowners think that they only need to call in the pros when something's gone wrong, but tune-ups are what prevent mishaps from occurring at all.

At Powerhouse Home Services, we offer a maintenance program that ensures you're getting the annual tune-ups your AC unit needs. This ensures that it's always running at peak efficiency, keeping you comfortable and saving you money in the process.

Not Installing a Programmable Thermostat

An HVAC unit should last between 10-15 years or longer when it's well-maintained. If you've got an older unit, you may not have a programmable thermostat installed yet, but it's a good idea for the overall well-being of your system.

These allow you to program the times of day when you want the AC unit to turn on instead of doing it manually. Doing it manually generally puts more strain on the air conditioner, which makes problems more likely to occur.

Letting Clutter Accumulate Outdoors

The outdoor part of your AC unit needs room to operate efficiently. Over the fall and winter months, you'll have more debris falling on it. This clutters the unit and causes it to function more laboriously.

Part of your maintenance routine should be inspecting the outdoors, especially after big storms. If there are branches, leaves, or anything else crowding your unit, make sure to clear it off as soon as possible.

You Don't Have to Do AC Maintenance Yourself

Now that you've got a good AC maintenance guide to follow, you can avoid these major AC mistakes. As long as you put the effort into taking care of your system, it'll take care of you. Conversely, if you let your system suffer, it's going to work inefficiently and require major repairs sooner than later.

You don't have to do AC maintenance alone. Contact us at Powerhouse Home Services today and we'll schedule your first AC tune-up before it really starts heating up in southwest Florida.