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4 Common Types of Air Conditioners

4 Common Types of Air Conditioners

Average summertime temperatures in Florida are in the upper 80s, and the humidity can make this feel unbearable. Having a top-notch AC unit is essential for year-round comfort.

It's important that you understand the types of air conditioners available and make an informed and educated choice. Read on to learn some of the most common ways that you can keep cool and comfortable this year.

1. Central AC Systems

Central air conditioners cool your entire home or commercial building. They're installed outside and ventilate air throughout the entire space.

They're easy to use, provide consistent airflow, and keep people in larger homes cool. They also minimize electric bills because you'll only need to run one air conditioner rather than turning on several in different rooms.

Note that they do cost more at the time of installation despite their long-term potential for savings. You'll also need a lot of outdoor space to install these types of AC units.

2. Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners are small units that have all components and parts inside their casing. They sit in windows with the vent inside and the back fan outdoors. The air flows in, cools down because of the fan and coolant, and moves into your home through the vent.

They cost less than other AC types because they use outdoor air and conserve energy. They also occupy no floor space and have simple installation.

But they are noisy, and they also are limited in where you can put them because they need to be connected to an electrical source.

3. Floor Mounted Types of Air Conditioners

If you have oddly-shaped windows or don't have any near power outlets, floor-mounted ACs may be right for you. They go on the bottom of your wall.

The indoor part of the unit sits on the floor while the outdoor part sticks outside through a hole in your wall. Professional installation is needed so you can ensure proper ventilation.

It's important to remember that furniture and storage containers can restrict air flow, so you'll need a clean and unobstructed space. However, setup is really easy and the unit will be accessible because of its height.

4. Ductless Mini-Split Units

If you're short on space, you can install a ductless mini-split AC unit. They go at the top of your wall near the ceiling and have a vent that blows air downward. The air comes from a connected outdoor unit that uses a condenser and compressor to make the air cool.

They don't require any ductwork and can be installed anywhere. They're also awesome because you can independently adjust multiple rooms' temperatures. This is great for families who have multiple bedrooms with people who prefer different temperatures.

It's hard to cool large homes with them, though, so be mindful of your space.

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Choosing between various types of air conditioners can be overwhelming, but experts can help you assess your situation and choose something that works. Powerhouse Home Services is committed to delivering top-notch service throughout Naples, Ford Myers, Cape Coral, and all surrounding areas. Contact us today to book a service call and begin the process of HVAC installation.