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3 Common House Plumbing Issues in Florida and How To Fix Them

3 Common House Plumbing Issues in Florida and How To Fix Them

Florida is one of the top five states that people moved to in 2021 and it's no surprise: abundant sunshine, beaches, warm weather, and beautiful scenery. However, the things that make Florida great are also things that can negatively impact your plumbing. 

Yes, that's right. Florida's beautiful weather can wreak havoc on your plumbing. Read on to learn more about some of the common house plumbing issues you may encounter in your southern Florida home and when you need to call a plumber.

1. Corrosion 

Pipe corrosion isn't unique to Florida, but it can be more common due to the water supply. South Florida drinking water comes from groundwater, so that means that it is full of sediment and minerals (and some contaminants). 

To make the water suitable to drink, it is heavily chlorinated. This gets rid of most of the contaminants, but the high levels of chlorine can cause the interior of your pipes to rust and corrode. 

When your pipes are corroded, they can cause leaks. Water leaks inside your walls can cause significant damage and be costly to repair, as plumbing services do not come cheap. Even if you have copper pipes, there is still a possibility of corrosion, especially if the pH levels in your water are low and the chlorine levels are high. 

To avoid corrosion, you can install a home water filtration system. These will take care of removing the contaminants and excessive chlorine and protect your pipes.


2. Mineral Build-Up

Much of the water in Tampa and other southern Florida cities flows through the state's aquifer. This groundwater is rich in minerals that can leave behind scaling as it flows through your home. 

Scaling is mineral build-up that coats your pipes and then hardens. If you don't clean your pipes regularly, the scaling will continue to accumulate and will eventually lead to clogs, restricted water flow, and can even result in burst pipes.


3. Pests

Florida is home to beautiful wildlife but it's also home to plenty of pests. The high humidity makes it a pest paradise and these pests can ruin your house plumbing system. 

Small snakes, lizards, frogs, and other bugs can get into your pipes from the local water source. It's not unheard of to find one of these creatures in your toilet or shower. Their journey through your pipes can cause problems though, as they can reduce your water flow and impact your plumbing system.

If this is a common problem in your home, you can have a plumbing company examine your main drain line with a scope. 


Avoid These House Plumbing Problems

You can avoid these Florida house plumbing problems with preventative maintenance and upkeep. A home filtration system, regular descaling, and proper care can keep your pipes running smoothly and save you money and stress. 

If you are in Naples, Estero, Fort Myers, Marco Island, Sanibel, or Sarasota and are experiencing any plumbing issues, give us a call today or use our convenient online booking tool. Our experienced plumbers are available for routine and emergency service.