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Why Is Whole House Surge Protection Important?

Why Is Whole House Surge Protection Important?

A typical voltage level for household appliances and electronics in the United States is 120 volts. Power surges are large spikes in voltage that can be potentially dangerous or damaging. However, there are ways to protect your home from power surges.

Whole house surge protection can help you ensure that your home and its contents are safe from damage. Continue reading to learn the importance of home surge protection!

Keep Your Infrastructure Safe

Outlets, sockets, hardware, and other electrical components are worn down over time. This happens due to reoccurring surges. Surge protectors protect the entire infrastructure from this wear and tear.

It's important to test your outlets often to see that they have not been compromised even if you have surge protection. One of the main surge protector benefits is having to repair or replace electrical components less often.

Protect Your Electronic Devices

If it has a circuit board, then it is at risk when a power surge occurs. This includes computers, storage devices, gaming systems, TVs, appliances, and more. Even LED light bulbs are at risk due to their microcircuit boards.

Whole-home surge protection allows you to protect anything that is plugged into an outlet. This could save you from replacing the thousands of dollars worth of electronics you've invested in.

Most Surges Are Internally Generated

Electrical surges can be caused by numerous things. A few of these include power restoration after blackouts, lightning strikes, and faulty wiring. However, most of these surges occur from factors inside the home.

Electrical overload is when too much power is drained from one outlet. This might happen due to the use of extension cords and plugging too many things in. It can also occur when an appliance drains too much electricity.

Since this can happen even without your knowledge, it's important to be equipped with the right protection. Whole home surge protection allows you to protect yourself from all of these events that can happen out of your control.


Most modern homes are now well-equipped with technology. People choose to have various different electrical items such as speakers, TVs, computers, gaming systems, and so on.

Layering protects your entire system by limiting the damages to only the outlet that the surge came from. It is a good addition to whole home surge protectors to ensure that you are covered on all ends.

Keep Your Home Safe with Whole Home Surge Protection

Whole home surge protection and layering can keep your home safe from the damaging effects of electrical spikes. You have likely spent a good amount of money on the electrical devices inside your household. With this protection, you can keep your goods safe and maintain the integrity of your electrical system.

From harsh weather to everyday internal surges, PowerHouse can protect your southwest Florida home. Contact us to learn more about what we have to offer!