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Tankless Water Heater Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

Since water heating accounts for about 20% of your home's overall energy usage, it's important that your tankless water heater is in top shape. This means getting repair services as soon as you notice a problem. It also means conducting routine maintenance to ensure that it functions smoothly.

Read on to learn about water heater maintenance, when you need it, and what the process entails.

When Do You Need Tankless Water Heater Maintenance?

Most people need to get water heater maintenance services at least once a year. However, some people need to get it semiannually if they have hard water in their homes or commercial properties.

If you own a commercial building or business space, you may need to get it looked at more frequently in accordance with industrial or local regulations.

No matter what kind of building you own, you also will need to look out for common water heater issues that require immediate repair. If you don't have hot water, emergency maintenance is essential. If your cold water takes a long time to warm up, you should call in a technician then as well.

What Does Maintenance Entail?

There are several aspects of water heater maintenance that technicians fully understand. The first is flushing out your system. Debris builds up in the water heater over time, and hooking it up to a hose/draining valve and running the water for a while clears it out.

Maintenance also requires you to clean out the air filter. This filter gets rid of impurities in the water before heating it up and giving it to you. It's clean and safe because of this filter.

Many water heaters also have a water heater inside. It will also need to be cleaned with soapy water or a soft cloth.

Basically, there are multiple aspects of routine water heater cleaning and maintenance.

Why Shouldn't You DIY Maintaining Your Water Heater?

These tasks might sound easy, but a Southwest Florida expert technician is critical for successfully preventing water heater issues.

The first reason for this is simple safety. Water heaters have extremely hot water in their systems, and it can burn you. Even more importantly, this water heats up because of a very high-voltage electrical system.

If you mess up DIYing your maintenance, you may wind up with malfunction. Worse, you could get electrocuted or burn your building down.

DIY maintenance is also likely to cause leaks and murky water. It's easy to do it wrong and wind up with a dirty tankless water heater. This is especially true if you're having other imminent water heater issues like popping sounds or rumbling because sediment built up inside.

So don't try to DIY water heater cleaning and repairs. Professionals have the training, knowledge, and tools needed to do a good job.

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Now that you know the basics of tankless water heater repair, it's time to get started. Powerhouse Home Services is committed to helping you keep your water heater in top shape. Contact us to book a service call, get an estimate, and see why we're a good fit for your home maintenance needs.