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Common Water Heater Installation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common Water Heater Installation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Every home in America has a water heater. You should replace or service your water heater every six to twelve months. It can also be beneficial to upgrade to more energy-efficient heaters to reduce costs.

Replacing water heaters or buying a new water heater can be a stressful situation. Water heater installation mistakes can lead to repair costs down the line.

This breakdown is here to help reduce your stress. These are popular water heater installation mistakes and how to avoid them!

Problems With the Drain Line

When the temperature is too high or there's too much pressure in your water heater, it removes water. The TPR valve releases the water. When installing water heaters, you need to attach a drain line to the TPR valve to regulate the direction of the water.

One drain line-related mistake is attaching it to a drain pipe. This can cause contaminated water to backflow into your water heater. Contaminated water can be damaging to your health.

It can also be tempting to let your drain line point at the ground, especially if your heater is off the ground. But, this can be dangerous because your water heater will drain at random times. If you're near the hot water when it drains, you can be severely burned.

If you want to avoid these mistakes, have your drain line lead to an open floor drain. Having the drain line long enough to reach the floor drain can prevent splashing, burns, and contamination.

Putting Your Water Heater in a Tough Spot

Installing water heaters can be even more complicated when you don't have a lot of space. Smaller homes can place the water heater in a hard-to-reach spot.

Placing your water heater in a tough spot is a big mistake because it can reduce your willingness to service it. Not servicing your water heater can reduce the lifespan and lead to rusting. When your heater rusts, it can begin to leak.

Avoiding putting your water heater in a bad spot is easier than you think!

Start by finding an open space that is easy to reach when you first enter the room. Then, add lighting to the space to make maintenance easier. And, installing water heaters with power switches can reduce potential flooding.

Keeping your water heater in an open space is even more important with gas water heaters. Gas water heaters create carbon monoxide. Keeping it in a tight, enclosed space can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Avoiding New Technology

Not everyone feels comfortable with new technology, and that's ok! But, when it comes to water heaters, it can cost you money in the long run to ignore the latest advances in water heater technology.

For sunny states like Florida, solar water heaters are a great option. These heaters cut water heating bills in half because it uses the sun rather than gas or electricity to work.

If solar power doesn't work for your home, take advantage of energy-efficient water heaters. These heaters are usually tankless. The lack of a tank means they last twice as long as traditional water heaters. Tankless heaters do cost more than traditional heaters, but they can pay for themselves over time.

Trying to Do It Yourself

Everyone loves a great DIY project! But water heater installation is not the best time for it.

Instruction guides and building codes keep your family safe. Missing any step can lead to flooding and home damage. In some states, you also need a permit and can get in trouble without one.

Instead, using an installation service can guarantee correct installation. They will have all the water heater installation tools needed to get the job done. The installation service also understands all the things that can go wrong with installing water heaters and how to avoid them.

Don't Let Water Heater Installation Mistakes Stop You!

Water heater installation mistakes can cause damage to your home, family, and wallet. There are a lot of steps for proper installation. Avoiding new technology and energy efficiency can end up costing you more money in the long run.

If you're trying to install or repair a water heater in Florida, Powerhouse Home Services is here to help you. Our team of experts can install a water heater in your home correctly the first time. You don't need to stress out about making water heater installation mistakes when you hire a great service to do it for you.

Contact us today to book an installation or ask us what water heater is right for you!