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5 Benefits of Using Surge Protectors

5 Benefits of Using Surge Protectors

Southwest and Central Florida—particularly in areas near Naples and Fort Myers—lead the nation in thunderstorm days, averaging just over 108 each year. Between storms and hurricane season, rain, wind, and flying debris often cause power surges and outages in the Sunshine State. 

A power surge can occur for many reasons, such as lightning striking power lines. Another reason is using too many extension cords and devices in the same circuit. Whatever the reason, surge protectors keep sensitive electronics safe. 

If you're not using a surge protector with your electronics, here's why you need to start. 

1. Protects Appliances and Electronics

Most homes rely on electrical power using single-phase, alternating current at 120 volts and 60 hertz. Alternating current means voltage rises and falls and has a peak voltage of 169 volts. The problem is that during a surge, the voltage goes over 169. 

When the voltage exceeds an appliance's normal operating range, it can cause an electrical arc and damage the circuit boards and internal components. 

One of the strongest and most damaging forms of power surges is lightning. Power outages can also cause surges, as many large appliances kick off and on at the same time. 

However, using surge protectors keeps those appliances and electronics safe. A surge protector diverts the surge to the ground, keeping your devices safe. 

2. Surge Protectors Are Affordable

These days you can find the typical surge protector strip for anywhere from $10-$30 or so. Of course, the more outlets you have and the higher the protection level (measured in joules), the more expensive the equipment gets. Even still, you can find a nice protector for less than $50. 

Considering the cost of your expensive appliances and electronics, it's a worthy investment for that peace of mind. 

If you're looking for an investment that will last longer and act as a more permanent solution, consider purchasing a whole-home surge protector. 

3. More USB Outlets

Many power-strip style surge protectors also come with USB outlets perfect for charging and protecting your phone and other USB-powered devices. You can save the regular sockets for other electronics, enabling you to plug more in and save space. 

USB outlets are also convenient if you need to plug and charge multiple phones without unplugging another device. 

4. More Versatility and Options

You can find surge protectors in various sizes, shapes, and colors these days. From six outlets to twelve or more, six-foot to ten-foot cords, etc. Many are designed to sit either on the floor or to mount on the wall, perfect for shorter cords. 

Some surge protectors tilt and twist, allowing you to insert electronics at varying angles and fit larger plugs. 

Plus, whole-house surge protectors offer a long-term solution and an even broader range of coverage. 

5. Whole-Home Surge Protectors Keep All Devices Safe

Here in Florida, it's a good idea to take your protection to the next level with whole-house surge protectors

Unlike protectors that need replacing every few years or after a strong surge, our PowerHouse home protect series is designed to last and can withstand even the harshest storms. 

Protect Your Appliances

Surge protectors keep your sensitive electronics and appliances safe from harm in the event of a power surge. Whether it's an outage or a lightning strike, you'll have complete peace of mind if you invest in surge protection devices. 

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