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3 Benefits of Routine AC Unit Maintenance in Naples, FL

3 Benefits of Routine AC Unit Maintenance in Naples, FL

With nearly 22 million residents, Florida is one of the more popular states in the US. Whether it's the year-round warm weather or the easy access to the ocean, people prefer southern Florida in particular.

Yet, that year-round warm weather is a mixed blessing. When temperatures can reach the high 70s in December, as they do in areas like Naples, FL, you need your air conditioning working properly at all times.

So, when was the last time you had routine AC unit maintenance done? If it's been a while, keep reading for three benefits of routine maintenance on your AC unit.

1. Better Performance

You get routine maintenance on AC units for the same reason you get routine maintenance on a car. It performs better.

Regular maintenance keeps the unit performing at a higher efficiency level by changing filters, keeping essential components clean, and replacing components that wear out.

That gets you colder air for less work on the unit's part. Plus, and just as importantly, you use less electricity.

You get the kind of temperature control you want in your home and save a little on your utility bills at the same time. That's a win all the way around.

2. Longer System Life

No piece of machinery lasts forever, but poor maintenance habits can dramatically shorten the useful working life of any machine. Again, think of a car.

How much extra strain does it put on the engine of your car when don't change the oil on schedule? It might not seem like much in the moment, but it can shave thousands or even tens of thousands of miles off of the engine's life.

Getting a professional AC maintenance company to keep an eye on your unit is the equivalent of getting regular oil changes for your car. You can potentially add years of service to the AC unit's working life.

3. Improve Air Quality

An AC unit isn't just a machine for cooling the air in your home, although that is its primary function. It also plays a role in maintaining your indoor air quality.

All of the air that it cools also passes through a filter. The AC filter helps capture dust, pollen, and other airborne particulates. Removing those contaminants before they get inside your home improves your overall indoor air quality.

As an added bonus, it also means that you spend a little less dusting around your Naples home.

AC Unit Maintenance and You

Regular AC unit maintenance is something that's unfortunately easy to put out of mind. After all, your AC unit is probably also out of sight most of the time.

Yet, regular maintenance does offer several benefits. You can see better performance in terms of cooling and efficiency, which keeps your electrical bill down.

Maintenance can help you sustain better indoor air quality. Plus, AC maintenance can potentially add years to the working life of your unit.

Powerhouse Home Services offers AC maintenance services in Naples, FL, and the surrounding area. To schedule AC maintenance, contact Powerhouse Home Services today.